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Theobromine Dark Chocolate Extract and Vitamin A Antagonist Effects on Biochemical Parameters in Rats Fed with High-Fat Diet

Dark chocolate is rich in Magnesium, polyphenols (theobromine) and saturated fatty acids. This food combined with vegetables and fruits, rich in vitamins, have already shown its beneficial effects against the risk of atherosclerosis. This study aimed to compare the theobromine dark chocolate extract and vitamin A effects on the biochemical parameters in fed-high fat diet rats. Part of the study was dedicated to the extraction of theobromine dark chocolate. The experiment enrolled 40 adult male rats divided into 4 Groups; GR1 (controls), GR2 (high-fat diet) GR3 (high-fat diet and theobromine) and GR4 (high-fat diet and vitamin A). The body weight, blood M level, blood glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride levels were measured during the experimental period (40 days). In animals, treated with theobromine, it was observed a significant decrease in body weight and elevated serum Mg, glucose and lipid parameters while animals, treated with vitamin A, recorded an inverse effect marked by higher body weight and a decrease in blood Mg and biochemical parameters. The dark chocolate nutritional composition, rich in polyphenol and Mg, showed its preventive role against metabolic disorders.


Abdelkrim Berroukche, Mohamed Terras, Hafsa Dellaoui, Wassila Lansari, Imen Zerarki, Saidia Cherief and Salima Mokhefi

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