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Presence and Levels of Anti-GM3 Antibodies and GM3 Ganglioside Molecules in Probes from Experimental Cellular in Vitro-Models

Background: The current study was directed to determine the values of both GM3 ganglioside and specific anti-GM3 antibodies in in vitro-incubated normal cells, malignant cell and mixed cultures of co-cultivated cells from both types as well. So a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms, underlining differences between various cellular types and changes during the process of cell differentiation was necessary.

Methods: Total lysates from cultivated normal cells from mouse embryos, mouse malignant myeloma line and mixed of both were prepared and passed through GSHAgarose Columns. Molecules with affinity to the reduced form of Glutathione (GSH) were separated. The levels of ganglioside GM3 and of specific antibodies to it were assessed by enzyme-linked immuno-sorbent assay (ELISA) technique.

Results: In the normal cells’ lysate, supplemented with molecules, possessing affinity to GSH the lowest values were assessed. These differences could be due to contention of many non-possessing such affinity molecules in equal volume of biological material, as well as with the presence of various bonded forms of GM3.

Conclusions: The data obtained confirm literature data about the increased levels of GM3 as a marker for malignancy. We propose derivation of lymphoid-like cells from the embryonic progenitors. Another hypothesis could be the production of immunoglobulins (IgG antibodies) from non-lymphoid cells in appropriate conditions.


Vera Kolyovska, Iskra V Sainova, Stela Dimitrova, Tzvetanka Markova, Ivaila Ivanova-Pandourska, Stephan Engibarov, Rumyana Eneva and Dimitar Maslarov

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